What is NOAH'S? We're glad you asked.

NOAH'S is a great place for off-site meetings, trainings, expos, family events, weddings, or any life event.

NOAH'S is a great multi-purpose facility that is an affordable way to gather, work and play. A NOAH'S experience is outside the box of typical event centers and is sure to guarantee your success and accommodate your unique style and agenda. Schedule a tour today by calling 1-844-NOAHS-EV.

Your Success Is Our Business!

NOAH'S offers many different rooms to accommodate your unique event. From Billiard Rooms and Board Rooms to spacious conference rooms and beautiful Reception halls. At NOAH'S you have the ability to customize your event the way you want. NOAH'S is confident that choosing our venue will be the best decision you will make in planning your event. NOAH'S books by a 3 hour, 6 hour, 9 hour, 12 hour, or all day block of time to accommodate your schedule as well as your budget.

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