“Having our wedding on a Friday was an awesome idea. We wanted our day to stand out, and it certainly did. Our Friday night wedding seemed like the perfect kick-off to an amazing weekend with friends and family. The most important reason of all that we chose Friday: COST. We literally saved thousands of dollars by having our event during the week rather than on the weekend. Vendors had more availability on a Friday, NOAH’S was open at a much better rate, and everything worked out so smoothly.

We highly recommend doing your wedding on a Friday, and of course with NOAH’S! Thank you again for everything you all have done for us, we will never forget it!”

-Adam and Barney


“I think the cost difference is a huge pro (for a Friday wedding)! You basically save a couple thousand dollars and you can’t forget you have a honeymoon right after that your extra money could go towards. Also, the discounts don’t stop at the venue–your caterer/photographer/DJ may provide discounts for a Friday wedding as well.”

-Misty Smith


“My husband and I chose a Friday wedding for multiple reasons. First and foremost it was my husband’s second wedding and my first and we decided not to make it a huge event. I was 34 and my husband 36. We had 72 people which was perfect for the two of us and we were surrounded by the people we love.
I’d be lying if I said money wasn’t a factor too. The Friday night time slot was perfect for our budget. If I could go back I would have rented the whole building for the day and started the wedding a little earlier. We started at 6:15 pm.
Having it on a Friday also added a little bit more of a relaxed element that we were looking for even though black tie was invited. We also had some family and friends coming in from out of town and the Friday wedding gave them a chance to see others while they were in without the worry of having to rush off the next day.
My best advice is do what feels right for you. It really is about you and your fiancée. Everything else is a bonus. Hope this helps when making your decision!”
“I was very pleased with the decision to have our wedding on Friday. We found that most of our friends and family would have left town the following day if we had booked Saturday. Booking on Friday gave us an opportunity to have extra time with our family and friends. We didn’t get to really see and spend time with a lot of our guests between preparation, pictures, working through minor hiccups and everything else in between. Saturday we were able to spend quality time with everyone which continued the celebration of us, and everyone else in their milestones both recent and upcoming. We couldn’t imagine having our wedding weekend spent any other way.”
“I would preach Friday weddings to the ends of the earth. The main reason we went with Friday was due to price. But Friday is the perfect wind-down day. People are getting off work and wanting to party. You may have a few (guests) that cannot make it to an earlier ceremony, but they will come for the reception (which in my opinion is the fun part). You just need to make sure you send out save the dates in advance for those who work to plan accordingly and pay attention to traffic patterns to inform your guests. We had a wonderful time and turnout to our Friday wedding and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”
-NOAH’S Bride (Las Colinas)
“We decided to have our wedding on a Friday to help fit our wedding into our budget. I was worried that not everyone would be able to come, as it was on a Friday, but was pleasantly surprised as over 190 people came to celebrate with us. People actually told me they liked that it was on a Friday as then they had the rest of the weekend to themselves.
That was my only concern but it worked out perfectly and I had extra money to spend on the rest of the wedding!”